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Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip

Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip

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A stunningly beautiful and surprisingly functional hand-blown whipper from the Icicles collection, the Glass Whip will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs of sweet, stinging pleasure.\n\nThis lush whip features a heavy and supple 18" drop of leather braids; everything is sexy, from the scent to the whispery softness that can sting at any moment. Long and lush, the tails can be wiggled around a bit to suit your pursuit of pleasure, they're certainly soft enough for beginner play, but absolutely worthy of rougher stages too.\n\nPassing perfect control to the supporter's hands, a smooth, weighted handle is absolutely dreamy, it's crystal clear with a deliciously raised texture and a large spherical handle. This piece of glass not only serves as a base for the sexy leather whip, but also doubles as a dildo for unforgettable vaginal or anal penetration.\n\nThanks to the incredibly hygienic properties of glass, cleaning is a breeze, just give it a good wipe down with a good toy cleaner or soap and water; the leather, of course, should be kept as dry as possible and spot cleaned, if necessary.

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