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Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuffs Set

Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuffs Set

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When it comes to rough and tough sexiness (playful and consensual, of course), there's nothing better than a great pair of fists. We love handcuffs, and if you like bondage games, you probably like them too. Sometimes, though, fists just aren't enough. Sure, they'll hold your or your partner's wrists or ankles up, down, and out of the way, but what if you don't have a bedpost, strap, or sturdy piece to hook the handcuffs on? You obviously get the saffron spreader bar and hose set!\n\nFair warning: If you're looking for something adjustable and forgiving, this set isn't for you. Super-tough, welded matte black metal forms a solid bar that will keep your legs, arms, or both separated from you or your partner in comfortable (yet super-secure) vegan leather cuffs. Each of the four included cuffs connects to one of four Saffron spreader bar ring connectors strategically placed throughout.\n\nIf you're not in the mood to spread your legs, you can use your fists in any other way that suits the scene. They will attach to themselves or any compatible bondage gear you already have.\n\nIn vegan leather (PU), stainless steel, and nickel-free metal, the Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuff Set should be cleaned when needed. You can use your favorite toy care liquid/foam or a little warm soapy water.\n\n* Spreader bar measures 24.75"/62.87 cm from end to end. Cuffs adjust to fit approximately 5"/12.7 cm in diameter wrist/ankle.
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