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Satisfyer Penguin Air Pulse Stimulator

Lovably styled and featuring innovative pressure wave technology, the Satisfyer Penguin Air Pulse Stimulator combines a silky-smooth silicone treatment tip with eleven unique rippling suction modes, a fully waterproof design, and convenient recharging potential. .\n\nFits comfortably in the hand, the penguin can be easily steered over and around the body; the sleeker shape allows for many play possibilities during foreplay and sex.\n\nSurrounding the sensitive clitoris precisely, Penguin's treatment tip protrudes at a natural angle from the smooth base. Unlike the same old vibration, this stimulator employs gently pulsating suction and pressure that resonate deeply and extremely pleasurably.

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French Kiss cassanova

If you've ever found yourself awake at night dreading the day when sex toy designers finally run out of vibrator ideas, stop! There's more than enough creative orgasm-inspiring vibrators to go around, we promise. Turns out the dreamy French Kiss Casanova Clitoral Vibe from CalExotic is a prime example! This unique little vibe offers lots of pinpoint clitoral stimulation plus a sleek, sexy bullet for lots of sweet inner love.\n\nFirm and stable in yours or a playmate's hand, Casanova's cupped stimulator completely surrounds your or your playmate's clitoris, inner labia and beyond. Inside the cup, rows of silky silicone ribs and a tiny tongue await faster, flashing, and pulsing in 12 possible rhythms.\n\nIf/when he should be in the mood for a penetration, put the bullet in! Attached to the external stimulator with a long silicone wire, it can be used to target your internal sweet spots (butt included!).

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Adventure Anal

Helping to relax the anal area before foreplay, Intimate Earth's Adventure Serum makes great use of predominantly natural ingredients: this silky gel contains absolutely no anesthetic or numbing agents.\n\nA blend of certified organic products including clove, goji berry, aloe and lemongrass extracts help gently soothe the anal area and sphincter once applied. Massage a small amount around the anal opening approximately 3-10 minutes before play.\n\nAdventure Anal Relaxing Serum is benzocaine and paraben free and 100% vegan. It is not designed to be used as a lubricant.

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believe that if everyone uses sex toys you can maximize your experience and have a more enjoyable life

  • Anal toys: they are sex toys made specifically to stimulate and/or insert into the anus. Anal toys include butt plugs, anal beads or balls, prostate massagers, and wide-bottomed dildos. To use anal sex toys safely, you need to use lubricant.

  • strap-on

    Sexual harnesses (called "strap-on" in English): is a garment that holds a penis sleeve, dildo or other sex toy against your body when put on. Some are used as underwear, or as jockstraps (the protective underpants worn by athletes).

  • Chinese balls

    They are fashionable and interest in them is spreading. They are used to strengthen the pelvic floor, although they are attributed a sexual use that not everyone knows.

  • Male masturbators

    These types of sex toys are not only aimed at the pleasure of masturbation, they can also help improve erections and make them last longer. These are some of the best male masturbators on the market.