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7 Piece Bed Spreader Restraint System in Purple

7 Piece Bed Spreader Restraint System in Purple

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As fun as public flings, hotel room or other sneaky sexual antics can be, sometimes there's just nothing like your own bed for dirty stuff. The Lux Fetish 7 Piece Bed Spreader Restraint System in a pretty purple color will help you turn your comfortable sleep and sex haven into a playground full of possibilities.\n\nInstantly (almost!) turning almost any bed into a veritable bondage playground, the Bed Spreader's extra-long, heavy-duty straps fit under most standard mattresses, as well as around headboards and frames.\n\nAllowing for all sorts of connectivity with cuffs, straps, and more, the spreader set contains four adjustable straps and a midpoint headband that slips discreetly under (or around) bed configurations, in turn joining , to four velcro included (2 for wrists and 2 for ankles) cuffs with robust swivel clips. Connect the cuffs to the O-rings attached to each strap and play!\n\nFits any standard mattress. Clean place.

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