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Booty Sparks 7X Light Up Butt Plug in Small

Booty Sparks 7X Light Up Butt Plug in Small

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Here's a little toy truth for you: Butt plugs and vibration go hand in hand, in terms of pleasure. We'd like to thank the Booty Sparks 7X Light Up Butt Plug for showing us another perfect anal combination: vibration and a light show! Made of super-soft, ultra-smooth silicone, this vibrant and glowing USB rechargeable plug with optional remote control has you and your bum fully covered—or, more specifically, plugged in.\n\nClassically shaped, Light Up's elegant tip comfortably penetrates before gradually swelling to maximum thickness. Once in place, a slim collar helps keep things in place while you or your plugged-in partner show off a shimmering gold base. Press and hold the power button on the plug to see the base glow in rainbow hues of blue, red, purple, yellow, and aqua. As well as looking great, especially in a dark room, the base is nice and wide, which helps prevent slipping too deep.\n\nStart the first of 7 pulsating vibration modes by pressing the button at the base of the Light Up Butt Plug or by using the included wireless remote control. The plug is conveniently USB rechargeable via an included charging cable, the remote requires 1 CR2032 cell battery, which is included.\n\nIn seamless black silicone, the 7X Lighted Butt Plug is safe for sensitive skin. Extremely easy to clean, a must-have feature of any good quality anal toy, your Booty Sparks will be sparkling clean after a thorough wash with warm soapy water or a good antibacterial toy care fluid/foam. Of course you will use a lot of lube with this and any anal toy, choose your favorite water based lube to keep the Booty Sparks in tip top condition.

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