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Eclipse Remote Thrusting Rotator Anal Probe

Eclipse Remote Thrusting Rotator Anal Probe

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Ah, another Cal Eclipse genius, another missed opportunity for a moon joke! Such is life, we suppose. All jokes aside, the Thrusting Rotator Anal Probe may outshine some of the other butt toys in your collection.\n\nComplementing a purposeful angle, twelve super-powerful vibration modes, and a base that twists to tickle your perineum, the Thrusting Rotator comes complete with a unique namesake tip that twists, turns, and yes, pushes to target your prostate and sweet spots. in the path.\n\nProstate (or P-spot, if you prefer) massage is, according to many prostate owners, the ultimate act of over-the-top pleasure. The prostate is believed to be the brain's center of sexual response, and stimulation of this area rich in nerve endings in the upper anal wall can lead to an ultra-intense and devastating orgasm.\n\nGently swollen at the top, the Thrusting Rotator easily identifies your prostate once inserted, while the extremely powerful vibration at the base pulses from below. Synchronized vibration and rotation/thrusting are controlled with a single button on the base, which is nice and wide to prevent mishaps too deep, or with an included remote.\n\nSpeaking of remotes, this is one of the most inconspicuous ones we've seen, especially since everyone and their mom has a Fitbit these days! A sturdy gray silicone wristband features two simple buttons, one to turn on vibration and the other to switch between 12 possible vibration modes. Aside from those vibration modes, there's a 32.75/10m remote range to play with. Enjoy!\n\nBoth the remote control and the vibrator are USB rechargeable, a double cable is included. A full charge of 1.5 hours will be exciting for up to 60 minutes.\n\nIn hypoallergenic silicone, both the probe and the remote control are easily and completely disinfected to enjoy a good cleaning. Wash thoroughly before and after use with warm soapy water or a favorite toy care liquid/foam. Of course, you will be using a lot of lube with this toy, so be sure to choose a good quality water-based formula. Don't be tempted to use silicone lubricants as they can break down the material. On that note, it's best to keep this (and any silicone toy) away from other silicone products. Raincoat.

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