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Fetish Fantasy Series Lover's Fantasy Kit

Fetish Fantasy Series Lover's Fantasy Kit

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If you've been looking for the perfect way to turn some kinky bondage fantasies into reality, you've come to the right place! The Fetish Fantasy Series Lovers Fantasy Kit was created especially to inspire all playful partners.\n\nInside, you'll find three pillars from the bondage set; a leather whip, a soft black eye mask, and a classic set of lock-and-key metal cuffs.\n\nLet's talk about wives first! Completely devoid of any bells and whistles, this sturdy pair is a perfect example of sexy simplicity. Designed to fit fun bondage scenarios of all kinds (not to mention wrists and ankles of any size), the cuffs fasten snug to defy escape. A simple latch on the side of each opens the cuffs; push the ends to close them. A set of keys is included, but they are not entirely necessary. You can keep that fact to yourself, if you like!\n\nAs for the Leather Whip, it is fully capable of light tickling or more serious stings. The classic design includes a firm handle that provides a fantastic grip for the velvety soft strands. Glide it teasingly over sensitive skin all over your body, or move it firmly for more bite.\n\nBlocking out light while keeping the submissive partner (literally) in the dark when it comes to the other's intentions, the included satin eye mask creates incredibly fine-tuned sensuality and enhanced pleasure reception. In smooth black satin, this play offering features a versatile elastic strap.\n\nEach piece of the Lover's Fantasy Kit can be used very easily alone or in combination with other gaming gear you already have. We highly recommend combining them for maximum sexy effect!\n\nContains\nmetal handcuffs with keys\nfantasy leather whip\nlove mask

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