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Heart Beat Crop

Heart Beat Crop

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I went around the sofa and stopped, changed directions and tried to catch her going the other way. She's fast, but I'm about to win this game of cat and mouse. Shrieking and laughing, she tried to crawl over the furniture, wearing only her bra and panties. I reach out with my riding crop and with a quick snap, I leave a perfect heart print on her butt. "Score! That's two for me!" I say with an air of victory. This has to be the best toy ever!\n\nA truly beautiful and playfully designed spanking tool from Sex & Mischief, the enchanting, gem-embellished Heart Beat Crop teases, smacks and pummels with perfect precision. Manageably long and extremely light, the Heart Beat's namesake toe offers two possible striking surfaces: the lace-up side provides just a hint of cushioning thanks to its corset-style straps, while the smooth side lands with stinging authority.\n\nApproximately 14.75 inches (37.5 cm) long. PU fabric, ABS plastic, polyester, vinyl, nickel free hardware, cubic zirconia. Clean place.
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