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Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

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A tiny, diminutive, totally travel-ready version of Satisfyer's beloved no-touch pressure wave clitoral stimulator, the sophisticated yet practical Traveler is stylish, ultra-discreet, and most importantly, always ready to escort you to endless orgasm and beyond.\n\nOn vacation or on vacation (this little gem is all you need to get away from it all, trust us!), eleven signature suction intensities await to suck and throb once the beautiful magnetic case is opened. The traveler's handle forms one side of the casing; once the other is out of the way, a super silky silicone tip and interface is revealed.\n\nWhen you've reached that point in the day where you can't resist the idea of the Traveler waiting patiently in your bag, carry-on, or nightstand, pull it out, get comfortable, and turn on the first of those eleven pulsing draws. . intensities. The silky circular tip easily settles into place over the clitoris, surrounding sensitive skin for total sensual immersion.\n\nThe up and down buttons control the intensity: you'll be able to perfectly select the stimulation as you approach orgasm, keeping the big finish at bay or giving in to a mind-blowing quickie. Regardless of intensity, the Traveler is remarkably quiet, especially at lower speeds. It will rattle a bit on the loudest, but as soon as the tip is in place on sensitive skin, the noise level drops.\n\nIf there are millions of dizzying reviews, the feeling of Satisfyer is completely incomparable. Many clitoral owners just don't like the buzz of vibration, but this is not vibration! Ranging from gentle to greedy, a unique internal mechanism creates waves and pulses of positive and negative pressure that have been described as "oral sex but more intense", "guaranteed orgasm" and "life changing".\n\nFully rechargeable, the Traveler powers up from any available USB port. 1.5 hours provides up to 90 minutes of continuous playback. Cord included.\n\nIn high quality hypoallergenic silicone and velvety ABS plastic, the Traveler cleans easily with warm water and antibacterial soap or a good sex toy care fluid/foam. Use a cotton swab or something similar to clean the treatment tip. Compatible with any high-quality water-based lubricant - avoid silicone lubricants and contact with other silicone toys and products. Raincoat.

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