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Stardust Glam Brilliant Crystal Plug in Pink

Stardust Glam Brilliant Crystal Plug in Pink

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There is a bit of magic in the stars! Sparkling points of light too far away to even imagine, prompting us to look up and appreciate the beauty of a night sky. If you see a shooting star, make a wish! Don't wish for the perfect butt plug though, because it's already here! The Stardust Glam Brilliant Crystal Plug, with its super-smooth glass surface and thousands of tiny sparkly beads, is about to make all your butt-playing wishes come true.\n\nShaped like a classic tapered bulb, the tip of the heavy Stardust Glam tapers smoothly for easy insertion. It gradually widens towards the middle, providing a smooth, sexy, effective stretch and an exciting feeling of fullness. Thanks to the nice slim neck, you will be able to wear your pretty Plug comfortably for longer periods of time, during sex, foreplay or self-love, even away from home if the thought tickles your fancy.\n\nIn addition to an extra slippery temperature receptive texture, glass is extremely hygienic. The Stardust Glam Sparkling Crystal Stopper can be safely boiled or bleached for complete sterilization, although warm soapy water and a clean, dry cloth work well for daily cleaning. Pure and hypoallergenic, the Glam can be enjoyed with any favorite lubricant. Store it carefully and avoid abrasive surfaces that can scratch or chip the surface.

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