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XOXO Paddle in Black

XOXO Paddle in Black

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Of course, it's not just about the 'impression' my paddle leaves. The feel of the grip in the palm of my hand sends a shiver through my body. The sound it makes when making contact with my willing partner and the sound it makes when receiving my attention makes me hot with desire. The patterns that the X's and O's form on the skin are erotic and become a constantly changing work of art for my eyes. The connection and power I share with my lovers stay on my mind much longer than hugs and kisses stay on their skin.'\n\nFirm, easily maneuverable and perfectly weighted, the XOXO Paddle is a fun little addition to any fun bondage collection. Offering light teasing slaps as well as firmer, punching slaps, the perfect X and O cut can make its mark. The core of the Crop is a tough, firm ABS plastic with just enough flexibility, it's covered at the tip and base with a sexy leather-like vinyl fabric. Free five cents.

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