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You & Me a Game of Love and Intimacy

You & Me a Game of Love and Intimacy

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A romantic two-player bedroom game from Creative Conceptions, You & Me, the game of love and intimacy, challenges couples with exciting ideas, tips, and activities to keep their sex lives active and exciting.\n\nWith a deck of cards for each gender, players take turns rolling the dice to determine who will perform the activity on the missing card and rack up points as indicated by the hearts at the bottom of each card. The player only has until the hourglass runs out to perform their activity. The player who performs the act accumulates the points and the game ends when the first player reaches 30 points. Special cards and jokers make the game unpredictable, offering the option to reject a lost card and earn extra points for a complete activity.\n\nIf two men or two women are playing, simply play the appropriate deck and skip the other. Before you play, you'll want to gather up some of your favorite pleasure tools to help with the You & Me Intimate Activity Cards. It is recommended to have a scarf or tie, massage oil and a lubricant on hand.\n\nContents:\n45 lost cards for each player\n4 'Special' cards for each player\n1 joker for each player\n1 dice\n1 sand timer
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